About Us

AMR International is a manufacturing & Export company of metal products in India who develop products on the basis of there buyer's Design. Our skilled employees and persistent pursuit of perfection has brought forth an array of Products that would instantly captivate you Mohd Shakir established our company. Since then the trade has been passed from father to son. The present generation has added the theme of premium to our company where our product profile is enriched with young and trendy innovations, which represents today's young and nascent style. They inherited nostalgia with classical designs, which involves workmanship and skill, which took ages to develop being passed from generation to generation and with each passing generations skills being enhanced. The success of our organization is based upon our core principles- innovative design, impeccable quality, exquisite craftsmanship and real value for money.Our aim is to maximize our client's satisfaction so that We keep on creating new designs & finishes in metal handicrafts.
In Our company we have three main units which are :
1. Designing Unit 2. Manufacturing Unit 3. Testing Unit

Designing Unit

In Our designing unit we have a team of product, graphic, 3d and cad designers who works on developing new products, Enhancing Existing Products and reduction of manufacturing price.

Manufacturing Unit

In Our this unit we have all type of machinery for developing a product.We have gathered all machine in a single unit for the reduction of manufacturing cost

Testing Unit

In this unit we test our manufactured product and only that product is packed & shipped which passes our test